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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

Posted on: January 26, 2011 7:40 pm
Well, I haven't really been active at all on this sight for a long time, but I figured that it's time to return.  Now, I know that few people will read this, but I'd like to just let people know who I am.  I'm a student who grew up in Boston, although I don't live there now.  All of my favorite teams are from Boston, with the following exceptions.  I like Ohio State sports because, although technically I am a Princeton fan, I have nothing to say about how badly they suck.  Ohio St. is my second favorite team, because my fifth grade teacher turned me onto them. I also follow English Premier League football, and I am an Arsenal fan, because I was born close to their stadium, and before I moved to Boston before first grade I was a devout supporter.  I may also be incredibly biased against New York sports, and so I apologize in advance.
Now, onto the topic of this blog:  The NFL Super Bowl and my choices for the end of season awards.

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Packers 28 Steelers 24
I believe that Aaron Rodgers is better than Ben Roethlisberger.  I believe that the Steelers defense is slightly better than the Packers'. In my mind, the Packers offense is better than the Steelers offense, and that there is more of a difference between the offenses than between the defenses.  I think the Steelers make a key mistake or two, and the Packers capitalize.

MVP:  Tom Brady, New England Patriots-  Without a doubt, he was the best player in the NFL, and the most valuable to his team.  He didn't throw an interception in god knows how many games.  He threw 36 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  He led a Patriots team that most had pegged to be 8-8 or worse to a 14-2 record, including many blowouts of supposedly great teams, like the Steelers and Bears.  There was a time when Michael Vick was my choice, but his performance in the last two games of the season eliminated him from contention.

Offensive Player of the Year: Brady-  I dislike giving this award to the MVP winner, but no one else had anywhere near as good a season as he did.

Defensive Player of the Year:  Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers-  This guy is incredible.  He does it all.  He has double digit sacks.  He returned an interception 62 yards for a touchdown.  He didn't have as many tackles as one might want, but you could say it's for the same reason that Darrelle Revis rarely gets interceptions- opponents don't attack him.  

Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams-  He broke records- Peyton Manning's records, to be precise- while almost leading the Rams to the playoffs.  He's sort of the de facto choice, because there were no other excellent offensive rookies this year.  However, defensively is a completely different story...

Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Devin McCourty, New England Patriots-  I'm going against the grain here, and maybe it's because I'm a homer.  Most would pick Ndamukong Suh, of the Detroit Lions, and I wouldn't argue with that either.  Now, Suh had the most tackles of DT rookies.  He had the most sacks of all DTs.  He had an interception and a forced fumble.  He scored a defensive touchdown.  McCourty, on the other hand, led all rookies in interceptions and was second, behind Ed Reed.  He had a sack and a pair of forced fumbles.  He also managed 82 tackles, an incredible amount for a rookie cornerback.  Now, I wouldn't argue against Suh, but my homerism forces me to choose McCourty.

Comeback Player of the Year:  Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles-  Let's be honest here.  Who else?  You may not like him as a person (I certainly don't) but you can't deny what he did.  He deserves this award, regardless of his character.

Coach of the Year:  Bill Belichick, New England Patriots-  He once again pulled a 14-2 season out of his a**, with a team most picked to go 8-8 and finish behind the Jets.  He molded a young defense into a force that bent but didn't break, which gave up yards, but not points.  He remains as evil as ever, but he was the best coach this season.  I'm just glad that he chose to focus on football, not taking over the world.

Random Notes:

Arsenal Rocks!  Yes, that's right, Arsenal, of the EPL, is heading to Wemblet to take on Man U for the Carling Cup.  They are the only football club that is in the running for all four major championships, and they are hitting their stride right now, with dominating wins.  Not that anyone cares about football

This Day In Sports History:  The Boston Red Sox hired Elaine Weddington as the assistant general manager, making her the highest ranking African-American woman in baseball.

NHL All Star Game Approaching- Let's see what this new draft will do for the game.  Here's to hoping it spices up interest.


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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

Jbuck, what are you talking about?
Adisturbed, I agree with you (or mostly agree) on all but two.  For MVP, as good as Vick was for most of the season, he didn't play in every game, and he didn't perform well enough in the last two games, as compared to Brady.  Brady also was simply untouchable after the fifth game of the season.  No one could stop him as he rolled to several records.For Coach of the Year, Tomlin is deserving, but when Belichick and Tomlin played head to head, Belichick stomped Tomlin.  Also, the Patriots were picked to finish well behind the Jets in the division, and went on to the best record in the league.  Bill molded a young defense into one that gave up yards but not points, and led the league in takeaways.
Yes, Gabbo, he did.  I'm so upset that I picked incorrectly and you picked correctly that I'm crying right now.  It's absolutely terrible.  
I'm so glad that you picked the player who everyone went with, while I said that I  believed that McCourty was better.  

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

hahaha the packers defense is no where near as good as the steelers i give them a slight advantage at corner thats it steelers are far better on defense and it will show come sunday.  greenbay will not run the ball with any success allowing the steelers to tee off on rodgers.
steelers by 7 or more

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That's the Pepsi award u retard

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

I think the Steeler's will win their 7th Superbowl title. As much as I'm pulling for the Packers in this one (I'm a Ravens fan), I just don't think the Packer's offensive line will be able to consistently repel the Steelers blitz, especially on the outside. The Packers compare favourably in many different area's though. Their best chance is through A-Rod and the spread sets. If he can get rolling then maybe they can do it. KEEP THE BALL AWAY FROM BEN IN THE 4TH QUARTER!

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

Suh just got voted NFL Rookie of the year.

'nuff said

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

MVP: Michael Vick.  He can run AND pass, he had a hell of a season.
O-ROY: Sam Bradford.  He was a game away from the postseason with the Rams after they had the 1st pick in the draft, and also set numerous rookie records.

D-ROY: Ndamukong Suh.  Another Top 3 pick with an excellent rookie season.  He is the real deal, and helped a team not look as bad as usual.

Defensive Player of the Year: Troy Polamalu.  He was my pick anyway, and he won.  Its just awesome.

Offensive Player of the Year:  Tom Brady.  Not my pick, but he did have the 5th all time best passer rating.  Well deserved.

Coach of the Year: Bill Belichick.  Mike Tomlin should have gotten it.  At the beginning of the season, their QB was suspended, they had numerous OL problems, nobody that isn't named Peter King didn't see them going over .500.

Comeback Player of the Year:  Michael Vick.  This needs no explanation.

SUPER BOWL XLV: Steelers: 19 Packers: 17.  Steelers win by a safety.  They have the more experienced team, and (in my opinion) better QB.  Aaron Rodgers is amazing, but not only does he not have the same experience as Big Ben, but he also can't keep the play going for as long as Ben does.  Also, 2 of the last 3 (3rd one on the other side) Defensive Players of the Year are on the Steelers side, counting this year.

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

MVP:  Tom Brady - No doubt about this one really.  Brady was the best player this year, Offense or Defense, no doubt about it.

Offensive Player of the Year: Arian Foster - I dont see how you couldnt give Arian Foster this title. 1,616 rush yd, 605 rec yds, 18 total TD. 2,200 + total yards is a career year! He helped the struggling Texans throughout the year and never slowed down. He was the best skilled position player this year and deserves this title.

Defensive Player of the Year:  Clay Mathews-  He is the NFL’s Tasmanian Devil, a player who is in constant motion, attacking from here, there and everywhere. He has played a pivotal role in the Packers DEF this year and has made them a DEF that teams are scared of. Hes the most feared DEF player in the league at the moment. (Next year this award goes to DeMarcus Ware)

Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Sam Bradford (close second Mike Williams TB) - I want to give this to Mike Williams of Tampa but Bradfords year was amazing for a rookie QB. His best WR would be a third WR on most teams and he still managed to win 7 games, throw for 3500 yds and 18 TDs. Hes on his way to becoming a top 10 QB in 2-3 years as long as STL can put some weapons on the offense.

Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Ndamukong Suh - This is a no brainer right here. Suh is already called the best defensive tackle in football. Thats saying alot and his seasons numbers show that hes up there in contention to be called that. He made his first pro bowl in his rookie season, led the league in sacks for a DT,  had a defensive TD, and is going to be the cornerstone for the Lions Defensive for a long, long time.

Comeback Player of the Year:  Brandon Lloyd-  Brandon Lloyd led the NFL in rec yards after playing in 2 games the year before and having a little over 100 yds. Brandon ended the year having 1,448 yds, 11tds and avg  18.8 yds a catch. Those are some great numbers especially for someone whos never reached the 1,000 yd mark in a season. Most people are going to be picking Mike Vick for this award but I think Brandon Lloyds numbers are just as impressive.

Coach of the Year:  Raheem Morris-  The Bucs finished the year 10-6 after a 3-13 record the year before. They barely missed making the playoffs and played in on the toughest divisions in football. Morris has done an amazing job developing young players and has found his franchise QB in Josh Freeman. This man can coach and deserves this title more than anyone else.

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Posted on: January 27, 2011 5:18 pm

Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

As far as I know, the NFL awards are all given only on the basis of the regular season.  Rex Ryan's performance in the playoffs, while great, does not earn him the Coach of the Year award.

I don't believe anyone picked the Patriots to have a losing season, but if you look back after the loss to the Jets, analysts were saying that the Patriots were a 8-8, at best 9-7 team this year, because they had no serious weapons on offense and the defense was too young.  After the loss to the Browns, they said that the Patriots were overrated and would stumble against the tough stretch of Colts, Steelers, Bears, and Jets, winning one or maybe two games.  And after the Moss trade, everyone said this was a rebuilding year for the Patriots.  Instead, Belichick coached the team to the best record in the NFL including blowouts of top tier teams.

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

Throw Rex Ryan in there too. He's unorthodox, but back to back title games is impressive even with the talent spewing out of that team. He also coached the game of the year in New England a few weeks ago.

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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

"Considering what the Patriots were supposed to do?" I don't disagree with the coach of the year pick, but to say he accomplished greatness when he wasn't supposed to is a bit of a stretch. When you have Tom Brady you are guaranteed the playoffs or at worst, a near miss. Did any talking head pick the Patriots to have a losing season?

There are plenty of candidates for COY: Raheem Morris in Tampa, great turnaround with a young team and a young QB. Mike Smith in Atlanta, the franchise hadn't had back to back winning seasons in its existence that is a crazy stat. Todd Haley would be another great choice. You could also make an argument for the coaches in the Super Bowl. The Packers were playing O-lineman on defense at one point in the season and the Steelers had to play a quarter of their season with random quarterbacks.

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