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Super Bowl Predictions and Year End Awards- NFL

Well, I haven't really been active at all on this sight for a long time, but I figured that it's time to return.  Now, I know that few people will read this, but I'd like to just let people know who I am.  I'm a student who grew up in Boston, although I don't live there now.  All of my favorite teams are from Boston, with the following exceptions.  I like Ohio State sports because, although technically I am a Princeton fan, I have nothing to say about how badly they suck.  Ohio St. is my second favorite team, because my fifth grade teacher turned me onto them. I also follow English Premier League football, and I am an Arsenal fan, because I was born close to their stadium, and before I moved to Boston before first grade I was a devout supporter.  I may also be incredibly biased against New York sports, and so I apologize in advance.
Now, onto the topic of this blog:  The NFL Super Bowl and my choices for the end of season awards.

SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Packers 28 Steelers 24
I believe that Aaron Rodgers is better than Ben Roethlisberger.  I believe that the Steelers defense is slightly better than the Packers'. In my mind, the Packers offense is better than the Steelers offense, and that there is more of a difference between the offenses than between the defenses.  I think the Steelers make a key mistake or two, and the Packers capitalize.

MVP:  Tom Brady, New England Patriots-  Without a doubt, he was the best player in the NFL, and the most valuable to his team.  He didn't throw an interception in god knows how many games.  He threw 36 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  He led a Patriots team that most had pegged to be 8-8 or worse to a 14-2 record, including many blowouts of supposedly great teams, like the Steelers and Bears.  There was a time when Michael Vick was my choice, but his performance in the last two games of the season eliminated him from contention.

Offensive Player of the Year: Brady-  I dislike giving this award to the MVP winner, but no one else had anywhere near as good a season as he did.

Defensive Player of the Year:  Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers-  This guy is incredible.  He does it all.  He has double digit sacks.  He returned an interception 62 yards for a touchdown.  He didn't have as many tackles as one might want, but you could say it's for the same reason that Darrelle Revis rarely gets interceptions- opponents don't attack him.  

Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams-  He broke records- Peyton Manning's records, to be precise- while almost leading the Rams to the playoffs.  He's sort of the de facto choice, because there were no other excellent offensive rookies this year.  However, defensively is a completely different story...

Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Devin McCourty, New England Patriots-  I'm going against the grain here, and maybe it's because I'm a homer.  Most would pick Ndamukong Suh, of the Detroit Lions, and I wouldn't argue with that either.  Now, Suh had the most tackles of DT rookies.  He had the most sacks of all DTs.  He had an interception and a forced fumble.  He scored a defensive touchdown.  McCourty, on the other hand, led all rookies in interceptions and was second, behind Ed Reed.  He had a sack and a pair of forced fumbles.  He also managed 82 tackles, an incredible amount for a rookie cornerback.  Now, I wouldn't argue against Suh, but my homerism forces me to choose McCourty.

Comeback Player of the Year:  Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles-  Let's be honest here.  Who else?  You may not like him as a person (I certainly don't) but you can't deny what he did.  He deserves this award, regardless of his character.

Coach of the Year:  Bill Belichick, New England Patriots-  He once again pulled a 14-2 season out of his a**, with a team most picked to go 8-8 and finish behind the Jets.  He molded a young defense into a force that bent but didn't break, which gave up yards, but not points.  He remains as evil as ever, but he was the best coach this season.  I'm just glad that he chose to focus on football, not taking over the world.

Random Notes:

Arsenal Rocks!  Yes, that's right, Arsenal, of the EPL, is heading to Wemblet to take on Man U for the Carling Cup.  They are the only football club that is in the running for all four major championships, and they are hitting their stride right now, with dominating wins.  Not that anyone cares about football

This Day In Sports History:  The Boston Red Sox hired Elaine Weddington as the assistant general manager, making her the highest ranking African-American woman in baseball.

NHL All Star Game Approaching- Let's see what this new draft will do for the game.  Here's to hoping it spices up interest.

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AL Allstar Game Lineup and MidpointAwards

Well, time for another one of my random and very rare blog entries, which just might have upwards of 3 views alltogether now.
And so, because no one will read this anyway, its time for my AL Allstar Starting Lineup (including the starting pitcher), with the person who will win/be selected and my analysis following closely after.

C- Joe Mauer (Twins)- Joe Mauer- This is a no brainer, as he is heads and shoulders above the rest.
1B- Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox)- Mark Teixeira- A close race between him and Mark Teixeira, he wins based on his OBP and defence, and also because I'm a Red Sox fan. But the Yankee fans will vote in Tex 
2B- Ian Kinsler (Rangers)- Ian Kinsler Again, an easy desicion, as he has better stats around the board.
3B- Evan Longoria (Rays)- Evan Longoria- If Alex Rodriguez had played the entire season, it would be him, but he didn't, and he is underperforming
SS- Jason Bartlett- (Rays)- Derek Jeter Bartlett has better stats, better defence, better everything except intangibles...but Jeter will win because of the Yankee fan base.
OF- Jason Bay- (Red Sox)- Jason Bay
OF- Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners)- Ichiro Suzuki
OF- Torii Hunter (Angels)- Josh Hamilton- These are fairly obvious, but Hamilton will win over Hunter on his name recognition.
SP- Roy Halladay (Blue Jays)- Roy Halladay- If Zack Greinke had continued his streak, he would be my choice.  But he didn't, and Halladay is far and away the best pitcher in the majors.

I have no idea about the lineup, so don't ask me.

Now the awards (all in the AL)

MVP- Mark Teixeira- With the return of A-Roid, he has been nearly unstoppable, leading the AL in HR, and being near the top in many other categories.  It pains me to say this, but he has been carrying the Yankees despite his slow start, and will probably, though hopefully not, continue to hit and field well.

Cy Young- Roy Halladay- No brainer.  He leads the AL in most categories, and is nearly untouchable.  No other pitcher can match this over a long period of time, not even Greinke, who has been struggling lately.

Thats all I have time to write, but who knows, maybe some day I'll right another blog.  It might happen, but maybe not.  To my 1 reader- keep on reading, and please post.  Its the only way I'll feel like this essay was worth it.  Say I'm smart, stupid, mentally retarded, or even that you know a beagle with half its brain removed at birth who could make better picks.  But please.   Comment
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NHL Playoffs- Eastern Conference

 The NHL playoffs are in full swing, and all anyone can talk about is the first two weeks of baseball, and the upcoming NFL draft...  One of the most exciting sports is in the most exciting part, and no one is talking about it.  So this will hopefully open some of your eyes to what is happening in the fastest sport around.

No. 1 Boston Bruins  vs.  No. 8 Montreal Canadiens - In a long lasting rivalry as fierce as the Red Sox/Yankees one, these two teams have met in the playoffs 31 times, with the Candiens winning 24 of the series.  However, the Bruins are up 2-0 in the best of 7 series, and shouldn't take too much longer to finish it off.

Now for my opinions about the series.  i know I'm a little bit late.

No. 2 Washington Capitals  vs.  No. 7 New York Rangers - The Rangers are surprsisingly in this series, up 2-0 so far, with a game going on now.  The Ranger's aren't supposed to be able to stand up against Alexander Ovechkin, but so far they have shut him down.  Unless the Capitals can steal at least 1 game at MSG, this series is over.

No. 3 New Jersey Devils  vs.  No. 6 Carolina Hurricanes - The Devils are winning this series 2-1, mainly because of goalie Martin Brodeur, who has made save asfter save to help the Devils.  This series should end up with the Devils on top, though relatively close.

No. 4 Pittsburgh Penguins  vs.  No. 5 Philadelphia Flyers - A very evenly matched series, the Penguins were in 10th place in February, but stormed back to take the #4 seed, and are currently leading the Flyers 2-1.  Probably one of the most evenly matched series this year, the Penguins should come out on top, because of superstars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

Now to converting people to hockey

One of the most exciting sports in the world, hockey isn't the sport it used to be, with fights every 30 seconds, and hundreds of penalties.  even for a die-hard fan like me, that was a bit hard to take.  But now, it has massively decreased the number of fights, increased the action, added to the number of goals, and generally made the sport less like boxing.  There are still fights though, for people who like seeing some violence, as well as intense action that leads to incredible moments and plays.  An incredible sport, it is one of the most popular world wide, but it seems the US is missing out on all of the action.  Here's to hoping that it will eventually get recognized by American's as a great sport.


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Week of the Upsets

We just had a very unusual week in the football playoffs.  Somehow, 3 of the 4 road teams managed to win, including the Arizona Cardinals, who, after getting demolished in Week 16, appeared to have no right to be in the playoffs.  However, behind Larry Fitzgerald, the managed to pull of one massive upset, and got a ride to the NFC championship game.   

The Ravens, a very good wild card team, managed to defeat the Titans despite a poor job defending the pass, with a late field goal by Matt Stover.  It was a very good game, from what I heard, as I was not able to watch it due my son's hockey game.  After this game, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ravens manageed to beat the Steelers next week.

The Chargers were manhandled by the Steelers, which wasn't surprising to me.  Of note, however, is that this is the second time that LT has sat out in the playoffs in a game that the Chargers couldn't afford to play without him. 

Finally, the Eagles also won against a poor playing Giants team.  I was actually expecting the Eagles to win, but not as handily as they did.  Despite poor play by both Brian Westbrook and McNabb, the Eagles won, helped greatly by Eli Manning, who threw 2 interceptions, one of which was returned deep into the Giants territory. 

My predictions for the next two rounds are as follows:

NFC Chanpionship Game:  Eagles over Cardinals.  This shouldn't be very close, if the Eagles play like they can, but something makes me think that the Cardinals will keep it close.  However, I still believe the Eagles will win by about a touchdown.

AFC Championship Game: Steelers over Ravens.  This will be a very physical and low scoring game, between two divisional rivals.  I believe that the Steelers will win a very close game, probably decided by a field goal.

Super Bowl:  Eagles over Steelers.  With the way the Eagles have been playing, I believe they will defeat the Steelers, and claim their first ever Super Bowl victory, although they won before it was called the Super Bowl.


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